Magnet 65% Keyboard

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MAGNET 65% keyboard (Gasket Mount, Bluetooth, Hot swap)

1 . Standard Version (Full Aluminum accessories ) 399 USD
2. Golden accessories Version (Full Cooper accessories)  499 USD

(The case itself is still Aluminum, just difference on accessories.

Metal Accessories including :

Volcano /Reactor(you can choose one of two), Badge at the side(do not go gentle...), Badges at the bottom(you can choose one of four), Bluetooth window, type-C interface.

Everything else is the same except the Metal Accessories, including:

- Hot Swap PCB, Bluetooth PCB, Type-C PCB and FPC connectors
- Plate( Aluminum / PC, you can choose one of two)
- 4500mAh battery
- Gasket Foam, Foam between PCB and Plate, Foam in the Cabin bottom
- light-transmitting Acrylic , light leaking preventive foam
- Screwdriver, Tweeze, screws(M3 and M2)
- Foot pad

Dear Friend, Please fill your choice of the Volcano /Reactor , Badges at the bottom(Geology, Astronomy, Mechanics, Biology), Plate( Aluminum / PC) in the order  comment(a cart option on the top when you click check out), or send me an email to confirm your options(
or else we 'll randomly choose one and send for you .
All you need (except keycaps, switches, stabs )is included in this purchase , you don't need to buy extra choices if you don't want to .
I'll sorry that the shipping fee is expensive since all transport suppliers are rising there fees. 

Pictures of Volcano(First) and Reactor(Second) :
Pictures of Badges:
Geology, Astronomy, Mechanics, Biology (left to right)
-Typing Angle: 5.7 degree
- Layout: 65% , WK
- Structure: Gasket mount, Individual battery cabin
- Plate: 2mm , optional PC/Aluminum plate(choose one in the case)
- Func: with Bluetooth3.0+5.0, plus 2.4G wireless ,individual Type-C connector, RGB lights, Hot swap switches,
- Anodic Aluminum and copper accessories, acrylic Bluetooth window (the glowing circle on the left side)
- Dimensions: L x W x H = 354 mm x 114mm x 30mm, about 1.3kg(with switches and keycaps)
- Colors: Black ,White, light Blue ,Dark Blue, Grey, Green, Pink


<Volcano like Individual indicator lights which shows all kinds of status including charging , Bluetooth connection status and so on >
<Acrylic Bluetooth window on the side with LED lights, like a thruster, which is elegant and at the same time ensure the wireless signal good >
<Changeable badges on the bottom side, and it got four different themes including[color=red] Geology, Astronomy, Mechanics, Biology[/color]>
<Gasket mount with very limited space and Poron foam under PCB, so it will keep the pleasant uniform typing feel and solid sound with barely no inner cavity echo>

Background Story:
The name MAGNET is from a story of immigrating to Mars

Magnet is man-made Magnet Field which protect the Mars atmosphere from solar wind

And 039 means 39 min that a day on Mars more than on Earth, it's free, private time with no response, no supervision carnival.

The first expedition team including four kinds of experts - Geologist, Astronomer,  Mechanical Engineer, Biologist, and they take the mission of build a livable environment on Mars.